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Long Time No See

2011-06-12 11:24:40 by arvalis

Hey newgrounds, ive been all crazy busy with art school stuff. How have you guys been doing?


2011-02-19 03:50:01 by arvalis

My deviantART account was unbanned today. Today has been good. Plus i updated the crap out of my skechblog here:


2010-12-19 06:08:05 by arvalis

If youre interested in seeing some of my sketches, go here:


2010-11-23 21:42:20 by arvalis

Ill be 21 on Sunday, that blows. So old

Front Page Thanks

2010-09-29 18:53:19 by arvalis

Thanks for the front pager guys. Figures the thing i spend very little time on would get front page lol.


2010-06-20 19:18:18 by arvalis

Since my Naera character has developed a sorta following here, what would you like to see her doing next? Lets hear those Naera fantasies.

24 Hour Poke'Challenge

2010-06-06 17:48:00 by arvalis

If you wanted to see the full 14 pictures with all 25 pokemon i did in 24 hours, here they are. 7

Art Tutorial

2010-05-11 19:24:00 by arvalis

Since this site has a dumbass picture size requirement i cant post my tutorial on here. So head on over to this to see my incredibly big art tutorial:

Been a While

2010-04-11 09:53:04 by arvalis

So its been a while since my last news post. Just wanted to thank you guys for featuring two of my pieces on the front page at the same time. It really made my day.


2009-11-28 13:52:33 by arvalis

I turn 20 today, that sucks, im old now.