Art Tutorial

2010-05-11 19:24:00 by arvalis

Since this site has a dumbass picture size requirement i cant post my tutorial on here. So head on over to this to see my incredibly big art tutorial:


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2010-05-12 21:28:19

Your art is realistic and awesome dude!
I wish I could make art like that... :(


2010-05-14 07:36:32

You're a neat guy, Arvalis!

arvalis responds:

Thats the good kind of neat right?


2010-05-16 02:48:04

I make art, I just can't post much 'cause my computer's old and I have to take a picture of my art with my camera, stupid computer.


2010-06-02 08:33:02

that art tutorial is cool (i don't get it im not in to computer art) but it was interesting
your kind of like my art teacher who cant stop talking about shading (which i suck at horribly) but your really really good i hope you win a REALLY big art award some day(if you already have tell me) but your art is eptastermazariffcly awesome


2010-06-04 17:49:10

Love the art you have here, and I hope you don't stop, because, frankly, you are my favorite artist on here, and you may actually be THE best.

Keep doing great, my friend.


2010-06-06 14:37:26

You rock

I can post your pokemon ilustracciones on a blog??

arvalis responds:

yeah i suppose, just so long as you credit me :)


2010-06-06 21:41:17

sure men thanks