2010-06-20 19:18:18 by arvalis

Since my Naera character has developed a sorta following here, what would you like to see her doing next? Lets hear those Naera fantasies.


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2010-06-20 20:12:32

um idk where to begin.

arvalis responds:

Just toss me a few ideas.


2010-06-20 21:59:30

Have any Ideas to get us brain-storming?

arvalis responds:

lol thats why im asking you guys. Doesnt matter how many ideas you have, lets see em.


2010-06-30 05:24:02

Hah! Easy question! I'd like to see her nail-polishing!
It'd be cute seeing her doing something casual and mundane... It's a girl, after all!
BTW... Are you making a bestiary for an RPG manual or something like that?

(<last minute thoughts: My first idea was just picturing her standing doing her fingernail job idly, but an image of her doing her toes could lead to an interesting nude study... So many cool possibilities!)

arvalis responds:

lol i might actually do something like that. Doing her toenail sounds like a very fun idea. As far as the recent creatures ive been doing, its for a world building project with a friend of mine. We are doing a bunch of creature concepts, then we will also do some enviros and character designs.


2010-07-24 18:49:33

Youre a kike!


2010-08-03 04:12:37

dude, your dragons look awesome. i think (and no offense) that the dragon pics are much better than your adult images, which is probably because you took more time into the dragons and everything else other than the adult images. but anyway, nice job, dude.

arvalis responds:

Honestly my dragons take the least amount of time compared to almost everything i do.


2010-08-08 01:54:19

Lesbian pussy licking plox. :3


2010-09-24 19:54:19



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