Front Page Thanks

2010-09-29 18:53:19 by arvalis

Thanks for the front pager guys. Figures the thing i spend very little time on would get front page lol.


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2010-10-03 01:45:37

You're an awesome artist and you deserve the frontpage.


2010-10-05 14:28:26

I feel the same way babe, but you work so fast and so well it just is...ugh I'm jealous i'll leave it at that :D


2010-10-08 09:18:42

Sorry for not noticing the silhouette. :/


2010-10-09 18:13:20

beauty in simplicity, go figure


2010-10-23 09:37:28

I have been following your works and I say your one heck of an artist. I want to be like you when I grow up.


2010-10-25 21:41:02

Yeah, way to be modest......


2010-10-27 13:32:03

Take the time to become a better artist yourself before you criticize the work of another. At the very least, get your understanding of anatomy to a halfway competent level before you start handing out unsolicited advice. I'd suggest starting with the way you structure the human neck and head, because most of your images are physically impossible, with only a weak nod to actual live beings. Mind you, this is just one obvious flaw in your limited skillset, one of many.

The best course for you is just to finish up your useless BFA at your little art school as soon as possible, so you can begin the process of pulling your head out of your ass. The real art world will shave about 1000 points you don't deserve off you, so good luck coping with the genuine article. I don't know a single art director that would hire you after Googling your name.

arvalis responds:

Not sure what you are referring to guy, but being newgrounds you're probably in some sort of drug or alcohol induced stupor. Not sure what you meant by googling my name, the only thing it comes up with is my deviantart account and more famous people with my name. I'm no one to say I'm good at anything, but all the professionals I've shown my work to, and all my teachers seem to think I'm on the right track or already there. Id thank you to direct your rude sentiments towards someone else deserving of your foul opinion. Thank you for your troll account bashing, see ya next time :)


2010-11-09 20:43:33

I know how you feel, most of us want out BEST pics idealy frontpaged. Oh weel, it's still frontpaged. And you're an awesome aritst! I just declared my major. Going to major in art. Good luck to you with life man.