2010-11-23 21:42:20 by arvalis

Ill be 21 on Sunday, that blows. So old


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2010-11-29 13:42:59

Congratulations, and continue the good work.


2010-11-29 20:10:54

well at least u can gamble all your money away


2010-12-12 22:18:00

"Who cares, alcohol is for those of weak mind. I need my mind sound to keep up being productive"

i admire the way you think about that. such a noble quote that should be well known by now, sadly not so these days

but regardless you still have about 80 years or so...
time may be no friend to anyone but there sure is a hell lot of it and it means well for good productivity!

arvalis responds:

Thank you for your very kind words


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